We have been cooperating with contractors from various industries for over 15 years. We deliver reliable systems made of stainless steel. Our industrial and hospital fenders are one of Wiejak's flagship products. Check what steel articles we can offer for your business.
Securing infrastructure in industry
Systems using stainless steel warehouse and hospital fenders are a commonly used way to protect sensitive places in industrial halls and other facilities. In our offer you will find e.g. posts, bumpers and steel tubular bumpers. Their installation ensures the protection of walls, door recesses, corners, as well as machines, production lines or communication routes. It is a reliable way to improve safety in warehouses and production halls.
Equipment for hospitals and food processing plants
Some places require the use of particularly durable bumper systems, resistant to harsh conditions and continuous disinfection. Our steel hospital fenders are designed for corridors and rooms in medical facilities. They are particularly resistant to cleaning agents and alcohol-based preparations. We make them of brushed acid-resistant steel, additionally reinforced from the inside. Their dimensions are adapted to the target room.
We also support the food processing industry by providing durable and aesthetic stainless steel fenders. We produce three standard pipe diameters at our facility: 50mm, 60mm and 80mm. This allows for the appropriate adjustment of the systems to the needs of a given warehouse or industrial space.
Trust the Polish manufacturer of stainless steel products
Our stainless steel fenders are a durable, aesthetic and effective way to protect property in hospitals and facilities. Wiejak is a manufacturer of warehouse and industrial equipment trusted by both Polish and foreign contractors. We encourage you to visit the "Contact" tab - our Sales Department will be happy to answer all questions regarding the offer.


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